Jasper Employment & Education Centre

Self-Directed Services

Professional resume writing and career development workshops.

We provide a free, quiet and comfortable place for people to work on their résumés, search for jobs or need support with printing. If you need something else our staff can also help or assist in directing you to other services.

Why is a well written résumé important?

On average an employer only takes 8-10 seconds to screen résumés and cover letters to determine if they will consider looking at an applicant. Since a résumé is likely the first impression a potential employer will get of you, it is crucial that you present yourself well so that your resume does not get lost in the stack. Presenting yourself well on a résumé includes everything from proper grammar, spelling and punctuation to the visual layout of your résumé.

Our Résumé Service

You can use our computers to take your time to work on your résumé yourself and print it off afterwards. If additional help is needed with constructing the perfect résumé or cover letter having the help of a professional counsellor will ensure that your résumé is visually appealing, formatted correctly, and contains all the relevant information when applying for that perfect employment opportunity. If your needing help with overhauling your résumé, we can also arrange an appointment with one of our Career & Employment Coaches at anytime during your visit.  


Self-Directed Services

Come in at anytime during business hours to use these services: 

  • résumé and printing assistance

  • search for jobs using our job binder and board

  • free computer use for employment purposes

Any questions about our self-directed services? Email jobs@jasperemployment.com for any additional information.

Please allow 1-2 days for a response

Looking for a job in Jasper?

Whether you are new to Jasper, transitioning from one season to another, looking to make an employment change or just seeing what options are available it can be difficult and overwhelming to know what job opportunities are available.

Job Binders and Postings Service

Our job boards and in-office job binders are updated daily. Either come into the centre to ask questions and take your time to look through our job binders brimming with potential employment options or have a quick look through our postings on the job board visible through the window beside the entranceway to the building. If your wanting help finding a specific job or employment with a specific employer we can arrange an appoint with our Career & Employment Coaches.


Need a computer but don’t have one? Or need additional help with applications?

It is an ever increasing reality that computer use, of some degree, is becoming an necessity for employment. Whether it’s for job searching, emailing, or online applications if you don’t have access to a computer or need a little bit more help figuring out something, even simple tasks can become complicated issues.

Additional Computer Services

We have computers that are free for anyone to use for employment purposes. If additional computer assistance is needed we are more then happy to help to the best of our ability.


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