Jasper Employment & Education Centre

Skills for Success

Our employment coaches will ensure the development of skills required for successful employment.

The Skills for Success Program offers FREE confidential and personalized one-on-one skills training and development for every one of the nine Essential Skills.

All of our workshops are free and create an opportunity to develop your numeracy, problem-solving, critical-thinking, reading/writing, computer skills and more. Essential skills provide the foundation for all skills development and therefore assist with both job performance and general life skills.

Volunteer Tutors Needed!

Use your skills and knowledge to give back to the community! 
Training will be provided! Flexible Hours!

For more info, send an email to learn@jasperemployment.com!


The nine essential skills:

  1. Reading

  2. Document Use

  3. Numeracy

  4. Writing

  5. Oral Communication

  6. Working with Others

  7. Thinking

  8. Computer Use

  9. Continuous Learning

 Not sure if you are a fit for this program? Send an email to learn@jasperemployment.com