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Success Stories

Success stories about Employment and job placements in Jasper, Alberta

The Jasper Employment & Education Centre is proud to feature the following success stories. There have been too many successes to count over the years but we were given permission to share a few of the following stories with you. With the help of our Career & Employment Coaches these individuals were able to find great jobs living in Jasper, Alberta. 


Bear at the Jasper train station

Bear at the Jasper train station

Bear initially came to JEEC seeking assistance in finding a part time job that suited both his interests and his skills. Bear worked with his employment coach to get his resume in order, write a cover letter, practice for interviews, and complete online applications. Initially targeting kitchen positions, Bear had a tryout shift in a restaurant kitchen that prompted him to pursue a new area of work. Bear kept an open mind during his work search as he considered and spoke with different employers. After completing an online application, Bear had a successful interview with Rocky Mountaineer for a luggage host position. Bear has spent the past three and a half months hauling luggage and is extremely happy with his new position.

When asked about his new job, Bear shared “There’s nowhere else I would rather be. My manager is the greatest I’ve ever had and all of the station managers are good people.” Bear works approximately six shifts a week and has also noticed an increase in his sociability.  

Bear also shared that he felt his employment coach was “Encouraging, supportive and all around helpful.”

Happy clients = happy coaches. Congratulations Bear, you found it!!


Kerry Anne was referred to the Skills for Success program in October, 2017. She was living and working in Jasper and wanted to become a Canadian citizen. Family responsibilities had interrupted her schooling in Jamaica and Kerry Anne wanted assistance improving her literacy skills in order to pass the citizenship test. By registering in the Skills for Success program, Kerry Anne improved her reading skills in small group lessons and working one-on-one with a tutor.

Kerry Anne is now a Canadian citizen! She passed the test just before July 1st making the 2018 Canada Day celebrations extra special for her!  She continues to attend the Skills for Success program. 

Kerry Anne with her Canadian citizen certificate

Kerry Anne with her Canadian citizen certificate


Andrew at his new job!

Andrew at his new job!


When Andrew was told about the Employment for People with Diverse Abilities program at the Jasper Employment and Education Centre, he thought it would be a good idea to explore the services available. A motivated job seeker, Andrew worked with his employment coach on resume writing, job search, and interview preparation. He kept his certifications and skills up to date by taking courses such as Mental Health First Aid and Conflict Management. He also attended the Employer Panel Meeting at JEEC, where he was able to hear what employer’s look for on a resume and in an interview.

A graduate of the University of Calgary with a Bachelor’s in Social Work, Andrew’s ultimate goal is to be employed in social work or a related field. As Andrew gets closer to this goal, he is currently working in a front desk position at Sundog Tours’ Jasper Adventure Centre. When asked Andrew said, “I definitely would and have recommended JEEC's services to other people.  I would say that the staff and employment counsellors there are professional, genuinely nice people who work very hard and patiently for their clients. Without my coach assisting and encouraging me, even when I had almost given up, I may not have the  opportunities I have now. I would like to thank all the staff for their help on my behalf…”  

ROAR, Andrew! We will all be here in Jasper celebrating your successes!

Kiran, ready for action!

Kiran, ready for action!


Being new to Canada, Kiran was referred to the Jasper Employment & Education Centre for employment services. Kiran was hoping to work in safety- either law enforcement and/or emergency services. He was told about people who had used the Centre's services and had successfully found jobs that were meaningful and relevant to them. At the Centre, Kiran worked with an employment coach to explore opportunities in his targeted area. “I wanted to contribute to my new community”, he said. After being connected to the Director of Loss Prevention at JPL, Kiran began volunteering with the Fire Brigade. This led to his participation in volunteer firefighting training. His employment coach also connected Kiran to Parks Canada and he spent time job shadowing a park warden to increase his knowledge of the roles of warden's in National Parks. All of this benefitted Kiran in expanding his network in Jasper. 

When asked about the employment services he received, Kiran said he would highly recommend the Jasper Employment & Education Centre's services to others. “It's a great place to start for newcomers to Jasper. They connect people with meaningful work and educate them on the labour market in Jasper.”

Kiran is currently in the process of applying to the Edmonton and Calgary Police Services. He continues to volunteer with the Fire Brigade. 

We wish you all the success in the world Kiran – just no speeding tickets please!

Paige at work!

Paige at work!


Paige returned to Jasper with the hopes of finding a job and saving some money. She didn't know where to start her job search so she came to the Jasper Employment & Education Centre for some help. She worked with her employment coach to create a resume, cover letter, identify references, and obtain other documents to help in her work search. While she was applying to jobs, she kept busy. Her coach referred her to a variety of classes and workshops to develop her skill set and acquire certifications that would help her on the road to employment.

In addition to First Aid and Food Safe, Paige learned about nutrition and the gym. Paige has been working full-time for about 6 weeks now and loves her job. "It is so much fun; I love my co-workers." During our interview, Paige taught me about some of the products available at her new job - Jasper Rock and Jade: sandstone, ammonite, fossils and dinosaur poop - telling me how they are formed and where they come from. When asked about the services she received at the Jasper Employment & Education Centre, Paige said the employment coaches are great and helped her a lot. "My coach always pushed me to reach for my goals." Congratulations Paige; it's our pleasure. 

Brent, enjoying his passion!

Brent, enjoying his passion!


When we first met Brent, he was ready for a change. After working as an Engineer at CN Rail for 10 years, he decided to pursue his new passion and become a Barber. Fresh out of completing a Barber training program, Brent headed for the Jasper Employment & Education Centre to get the ball rolling. “I had accessed the services there before and they had been very helpful.  This time around I needed help creating a resume that would represent myself and what I was aspiring to do. I was having a hard time translating what I was thinking onto a piece of paper.”

After working with one of our employment coaches, Brent developed a new resume and was ready to get started. “The Jasper Employment & Education Centre not only helped me with a new resume, they also provided the most optimistic and friendly support. They really encouraged me to pursue this new adventure and boosted my confidence in changing this direction in my life.” Brent is now working full time at Bloom Hair and Body Studio. He is building his client-base and is loving every minute of it. Here’s to following your passion!

Daniel pictured above working at the Jasper Activity Centre.

Daniel pictured above working at the Jasper Activity Centre.


New to town and looking for a job, Daniel came to the Jasper Employment & Education Centre so that he could look for a job and learn more about Jasper. It was then that he was referred to the Tourism Essentials program which ultimately led to his current position at the Jasper Recreation Centre. 

Daniel came to Jasper with the goals of updating his skills and knowledge so that he could get a job working in the Rocky Mountains. In the Tourism Essentials program Daniel learned a variety of new skills that were not limited to First Aid, Mental Health First Aid, and resume & cover Letter writing. He developed a great network while in the program and broadened his understanding of the opportunities that exist in Jasper and in the tourism sector. Daniel says he loved learning about the history of Jasper, which was a key factor in registering for the program.

Now that Daniel has successfully completed the Tourism Essentials program he is working at the Activity Centre full time with a benefits plan and pension. He told us “I really love my job. The work is fun and I am surrounded by a really great group of people” and that he is “loving life” living in the mountains. 

Congratulations on your success, Daniel and thank you for making an impact on all of us at the Centre.


When she first came into the Jasper Employment & Education Centre (JEEC), Fawn had been working in food and beverage for a number of years. She felt ready for a new challenge. "I need to be constantly learning and developing,” she states. She came to the Centre to see what new opportunities were out there and was told about the Tourism Essentials program. 

Through the program, Fawn found a new direction. As a life-long learner, Fawn enjoyed the chance to upgrade the skills she had learned in school and develop new skills. She was able to expand her network and interact with employers directly which opened up new insights to the tourism sector. 

When she completed the program, she was hired with Tourism Jasper. Fawn has been there year round for 3 years now. She was promoted to supervisor after her first full year, and this spring, exactly 2 years later, she became the Coordinator for the Information Centre.

Fawn is responsible for hiring and training all info centre staff as well as all the behind the scenes activities. For a lady who likes a challenge, Fawn is looking forward to co-heading a break session at the next Travel Alberta Conference in May. As one of 4 communities in Alberta with mobile information units, she is excited to be talking about the tricycle that is used in Jasper. 

On a closing note, Fawn does recommend people check out JEEC, not just to find a job, but also for learning opportunities and skills development. 

Congratulations Fawn – You are a Success!!!

Fawn at the Info Centre

Fawn at the Info Centre